What is the DREAMM project?

DREAMM stands for “Develop and Realise Empowering Actions for Mentoring Migrants”.

It is about new ways of bringing together newly arrived Third-Country Nationals and local communities

Integration between newly arrived migrants – coming in particular from outside the European Union – and local communities is still a challenge for the EU.

8 organisations from Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Malta, with different field migration expertise, operate together to experiment a community action.

What does the project want to reach?

With this project we intend to reach a better mutual understanding of the other’s values and behaviours, foster a sense of belonging to a community, mitigate stereotypes, discrimination, xenophobia, and racism, make newly arrived migrants capable of accessing local services supported by an inclusive community network.

How can the project achieve its goal?

One powerful tool for local development and social change has proven to be volunteering. However, to become an effective and structured practice, volunteering needs management and professional skills that are still unclear, unformal, and poorly used in the migration field.

With the help of volunteers and professionals DREAMM promotes peer-to-peer learning events and jointly agreed social activities. To do this, a dedicated orientation and integration service is implemented: the One-Stop-Shop.

Which actions are implemented?

Targeted joint community actions consisting of

  • information
  • orientation
  • learning events
  • social activities

will empower migrants and help residents – with or without migration experience – from the local communities to achieve a mutual integration process as well as facilitate communication between migrants and service providers of local public and private services.

Through these project activities we intend to create a community-based model for newly arrived migrants – in particular from third countries, countries outside the European Union – exploring and adapting to the local community and the local communities exploring and adapting to the international presences by implementing.

What is the DREAMM One-Stop-Shop?

With the DREAMM project we intend to set up a “One-Stop-Shop” model of service where newly arrived migrants from third countries can find information and orientation to their concrete needs in terms of access to public and private services all in one place.

The DREAMM One-Stop-Shop is also a hub and first contact point where newly arrived migrants from third countries and residents meet to achieve targeted activities.

What are the DREAMM One-Stop-Shop’s activities?

The One-Stop-Shop consulting activities are based on migrants’ individual needs and its target will include gender balanced vulnerable groups as asylum seekers and refugees.

Concretely, it

  • provides general information about the access to public and private services (health, housing, education and training, social activity)
  • provides general information on legal status for migrants
  • orients migrants to DREAMM activities as language and communication courses, social activities and fun workshops to discover the local context
  • helps migrants assess needs and priorities and make friends and become part of the community

The “One-Stop-Shop” is a place of social exchange and intercultural interaction

OPEN …  FROM …. TO …

Volunteers who would like to make an experience as DREAMM Mentors can join the DREAMM community any moment along the process.

DREAMM Mentors volunteering in the DREAMM project will get a certificate at the end of their participation.


Who is involved in the DREAMM community?


Migrant as a citizen from non-EU countries – with particular attention to vulnerable migrants as women and refugees – willing to become a mentee


Someone with strong predisposition and willingness to engage in innovative relationships, share background and skills in the interest of the community. DREAMM Mentors participate in the development and implementation of social activities with migrants under the guidance of DREAMM Lead-Mentors.


A professional with experience in the field of migration and/or volunteering, acting as a bridge between migrants and volunteers, and willing to orient and supervise DREAMM Mentors


The involvement in a joint community action to implement joint activities for the benefit of a new community developing a more inclusive culture